GetFit Texas! State Agency Physical Activity Challenge

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Thank you for another successful year of the Get Fit Texas Challenge! This year’s challenge saw an increase in participation from about 12,000 participants last year to 16,000 this year. We also had a much higher rate of people who completed the challenge: 65% in 2016 compared with 52% last year. Thanks to all of you for your hard work promoting the challenge and trouble-shooting technical issues for participants.

GetFit is a 10-week program that challenges employees to incorporate more physical activity into their daily routine. To complete the Challenge, participants must meet the minimum recommended physical activity level of 150 minutes per week for at least six of the 10 weeks of the program.

In the spirit of friendly competition, the DSHS Statewide Wellness Coordinator recognizes the agency in each size category (small, mid-size and large) with the highest completion rate among its staff as the “Fittest State Agency in Texas!” Trophies and bragging rights follow. On April 20th, DSHS announced the winners of the 2016 challenge at our awards event and presented trophies to the agencies finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each size category. DSHS Commissioner Dr. John Hellerstedt provided remarks to attendees and helped distribute the awards, posing for pictures with employees of the winning agencies. Pictures from the event can be found below.

2016 Results

5001+ FTEs Completion %
Dept of Public Safety 17.7%
TxDOT 14.6%
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center 8.3%
Dept. of Criminal Justice 4.0%
Dept. of State Health Services 1.0%
Health & Human Services Commission 0.8%
Dept of Aging and Disability Services 0.5%
Dept. of Family and Protective Services 0.2%

1001-5000 FTEs Completion %
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality 33.4%
State Comptroller of Public Accounts 28.8%
Texas Workforce Commission 22.0%
Dept. of Insurance 15.9%
Parks and Wildlife Department 8.1%
Texas State Technical College 3.8%
Dept. of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services 3.7%

501-1000 FTEs Completion %
Dept. of Agriculture 13.3%
General Land Office 6.7%
Alcoholic Beverage Commission 6.3%
Texas Education Agency 5.6%
Department of Motor Vehicles 3.8%
Texas Military Department 2.0%
University of Houston - Downtown 1.3%

201-500 FTEs Completion %
Employees Retirement System of Texas 61.0%
Dept. of Licensing and Regulation 54.6%
Legislative Council 48.1%
Texas Lottery Commission 43.6%
Higher Education Coordinating Board 26.1%
Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs 11.5%
Office of Court Administration 6.1%

51-200 FTEs Completion %
Animal Health Commission 72.7%
Securities Board 50.0%
Public Utility Commission of Texas 42.2%
Library and Archives Commission 40.7%
Court of Criminal Appeals 38.5%
Board of Pharmacy 34.1%
Texas Dept. of Savings and Mortgage Lending 25.9%
Legislative Budget Board 24.7%
Dept. of Information Resources 23.4%
State Department of Banking 22.7%
State Office of Risk Management 20.0%
Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner 19.5%
State Office of Administrative Hearings 18.7%
Real Estate Commission 17.5%
Office of Injured Employee Counsel 17.3%
Texas Board of Nursing 12.1%
Historical Commission 6.6%
Supreme Court of Texas 5.6%

Less than 51 FTEs Completion %
Commission on State Emergency Communication 100.0%
Court of Civil Appeals - 10th District 100.0%
Office of Public Utility Counsel 88.9%
Board of Chiropractic Examiners 78.6%
Texas Board of Professional Engineers 59.4%
State Board of Public Accountancy 53.7%
Sunset Advisory Commission 40.0%
Board of Examiners of Psychologists 38.5%
Funeral Service Commission 18.2%
Credit Union Department 16.0%
Texas Emergency Services Retirement System 14.3%
Veterinary Medical Examiners 11.8%
Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas 10.0%
Commission on Fire Protection 10.0%
Exec. Council of Physical Occup. Therapy Examiners 5.6%

Pictures from the Get Fit Awards 2016

Git Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award Winners
Git Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award Winners
Git Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award Winners
Git Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award WinnersGit Fit Award Winners