Health Screenings

Preventive health services and screenings are an important part of monitoring employee health. These services can help with early detection of a disease and prevent developing chronic conditions such as obesity or diabetes.

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Employers should encourage staff to participate in preventative services by offering exams onsite or providing incentives for seeking them out regularly from medical providers. One popular strategy is to require or reward employees for completing an online health risk assessment (HRA) and then talking to their doctor about the results.

The resources below provide information about screenings and other preventive services.

Preventive Services and Benefits Available Through Health Insurance Providers

  • UnitedHealthcare – Health & Wellness provides a total care approach for members interested in wellness and prevention or for those who need more complex case management.
  • ERS Wellness Page – The Group Benefits Program administered through the Employee's Retirement System of Texas (state employees only) offers a full menu of scientifically based health and wellness programs for state employees and their families.
  • Community First – My Health Media incorporates technology developed to allow the user to have his or her own personal team of experts – a physician, psychologist, counselor, nutritionist, and personal trainer – all in one place by creating a virtual health coach.

Health Risk Assessments and Incentives

  • Baylor Scott & White Health Risk Assessment – See what a typical HRA includes using either the member or non-member links.
  • College of DuPage Wellness Incentive Program – An example of a policy incentivizing participation in the various benefits and services offered by the school's wellness program.
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Healthier Workplace Initiative provides guidance on promoting wellness programs and implementing a Health Risk Assessment initiative.
  • To encourage Texas state employees to be aware of and reduce their health risks, Chapter 664, Health and Safety Code authorizes state agencies to provide an eight hours leave incentive to employees who complete an online health risk assessment and receive an annual comprehensive physical exam.

Reduce Barriers to Completing Preventive Health Screenings

  • Investing in Health: Proven health promotion practices for workplaces was created by the Partnership for Prevention to provide employers with guidance that can improve employee health by controlling tobacco use, promoting cancer screening and early detection, and encouraging physical activity and healthy eating. Below are some guidelines.
    • Apply tobacco-free policies and cessation benefits and resources
    • Increase cancer screening rates
    • Increase physical activity through social support and the workplace environment
    • Improve nutrition through social support and the workplace environment

Investing in Health translates evidence-based recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the Task Force on Community Preventive Services into easy-to-follow action steps that will enhance wellness in private or public sector worksites.

Cost effective preventive screenings and services at the worksite